About Me

While this blog originally began as a repository for tried and tasted recipes (see below), it has morphed into a travel blog as well since my relocation to Singapore.  Hope you don’t mind the journaling – I promise more (international) recipes to come!


Not too much to know about me, as I’m sure you’re more interested in the recipes ;)  I currently live in Chicago Singapore, where I am trying to devour (literally) the amazing food scene, but am originally from Key Biscayne, FL.  I’m no professional – just a lover of cooking and baking.  I am passionate about trying new recipes and becoming the best cook/baker I can be, through practice and dedication.  One of my true joys is serving a good meal that is enjoyed by friends and family alike.  My weakness has got to be cookbooks.  I have too many cookbooks to count and am famous for purchasing new ones without having thoroughly read (ok, opened) the previous purchases.  I first created this blog as a catalog or journal of all those recipes, really an avenue to help me remember those I had tried and enjoyed.  It’s now a blog I’m ready to share with others.  Shuffle through my site – I hope you find some inspiration in those things that sustain me!

Colleen McCaughan

“A face without freckles is like a sky without stars.” — Unknown


4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Carrie Pipkin said:

    Love this Colleen!!!

  2. Mary McLaughlin said:

    Colleen, I knew you loved to cook, but what a lovely surprise to read your blog and see your wonderful creations. It’s all so professional and created by my smart as a whip niece. I’m soooo impressed!! Especially loved the quote on freckles. Hope Spring in Chicago is as beautiful as it is here in VA.

    Aunt Cookie

  3. You are the best, Colleen. I love reading about your traveling and cooking ideas!
    Love, Joan M

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